Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eagles franchise tag Vick, transition tag Akers

The Eagles announced a pair of moves today that will help them retain the services of two of their best players: they have placed the franchise tag on Michael Vick and the transition tag on David Akers.

We've known for a while now that the Eagles were going to place the franchise tag on Vick. The franchise tag ensures that Vick isn't going anywhere and will be one of the Top 5 paid quarterbacks next season.

As for Akers, placing the transition tag does not ensure he will be back with the Eagles next season. While the Eagles will be required to offer Akers a contract that pays him amongst the Top 10 kickers in the league, other teams can also make offers that the Eagles have the right to match. If another team gives him a huge deal, don't be surprised if the Eagles let him walk.

If a new CBA is reached, it's possible the Eagles may have to void one or both of these moves. Count on the team still finding a way to franchise Vick but don't count on them bending over backwards to keep Akers.

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