Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Welcome to Philly, Evan Turner: Sixers win 2nd overall pick in NBA Draft

How about some good Sixers news for a change? The NBA held it's draft lottery tonight, and while the Wizards were the big winners of the first overall pick and the rights to draft John Wall, the Sixers won the next best thing: the second overall pick, which will likely be used on guard Evan Turner from Ohio State.

While there is still a small chance the Wizards pass on Wall, the Sixers will be very happy to take Turner, a versatile player who is ready to play in the NBA right away. A backcourt of Turner and last years top pick, Jrue Holiday, will be fun to watch for the next decade or so.

Moving up to the number 2 pick in the draft was just what the Sixers needed; it's been a long time since the Sixers were able to draft an impact player like Evan Turner. Finally, the Sixers will be a team worth watching again.

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Scott said...

out the back court, now if we can just solidify the front court with some low post offense.

come on elton!