Sunday, May 2, 2010

2010 NBA Playoff Predictions: Round Two

Now that we finally have all of the matchups set for the second round of the NBA Playoffs, I can make my picks! I still haven't figured out why some leagues wait to start their second round series all at the same time (NHL) while others, like the NBA, get them started as soon as both teams advance. I can see the pro's and con's of both systems but in the long run you will have teams that have to wait for about the same amount of time either way. Anyway, after going 6-2 in my first round picks, here is who I've got and a quick thought on each second round series:

Western Conference:
Lakers (1) vs. Jazz (5)

Lakers in 6

Why was everyone surprised that the Lakers had a little trouble with the Thunder? Give them another year or two and the Thunder will be the favorite against LA. Has Deron Williams proved to everyone that he's better than Chris Paul yet? I'd want him on my team in a heartbeat. The Jazz will keep it interesting but Kobe won't be denied here.

Suns (3) vs. Spurs (7)
Spurs in 7

This one should be a lot of fun. While it might not be as classic as it was a few years back, this series is still the fast vs. the slow, the frenetic vs. the calculated. The turtle always wins.

Eastern Conference:
(1) vs. Celtics (4)

Cavs in 5
I guess I was a little premature about the demise of the Celtics when I picked them to lose to the Heat. My point remains, however, that the Celtics aren't a contender and the Cavs will prove that in this series.

Magic (2) vs. Hawks (3)
Magic in 6

The Magic have had about a week to sit back and watch the Hawks struggle with the Bucks. Since Orlando is playing better than anyone in the East right now, they shouldn't have any problem with the Hawks. I can't wait for the Magic and Cavs rematch in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Those are my picks for the second round of the NBA Playoffs. Let me know if you agree or disagree!

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