Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Flyers land Lecavalier

The Flyers did their typical Flyer thing, signing Vincent Lecavalier, who had just been bought out by the Lightning, to a reported 5 year, 22.5 million dollar deal.  The Flyers of course can't afford that contract without moving some salary, so expect news of a Braydon Coburn trade to be coming any minute now.

There are plenty of cons to this deal, including the fact that Lecavalier hasn't scored 40 goals since 2008 and hasn't even gotten 30 since.  He's also pretty old and will be 38 in the last year of the deal.  Still, he is a legit superstar and should be an upgrade over Danny Briere.  Whether he will be a superstar for more than just a few more years is debatable but he should be good in the here and now.

Now the only question is whether the Flyers have anything left to upgrade the defense and get, you know, a starting goaltender.  Hard to do with zero cap space so expect the Flyers to be active in the trade market.

Am I out of blog retirement?  Maybe?


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