Thursday, March 1, 2012

Eagles officially tag DeSean Jackson

As expected, the Eagles announced that they have placed the franchise tag on wideout DeSean Jackson.  The move locks Jackson into a one year deal next season with the Eagles for 9.4 million dollars, quite a substantial raise over what he has made the last few seasons.  Jackson is looking for more years and a bigger payday than that, however.

The tagging doesn't guarantee that Jackson will remain with the Eagles.  The Birds could take the tag off of Jackson at any time or even try to deal him to another team though I wouldn't expect many teams to be interested in him when there are so many other free agent receivers available.

DeSean Jackson's offseason story is just beginning.  Expect plenty of contract and trade speculation over the next few months as the Eagles try to work with their enigmatic and likely disgruntled wideout.

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