Sunday, October 9, 2011

Season over: Sloppy Eagles fail once again

Another week, another disappointing performance by the Eagles.  This time, the Eagles made a tremendous comeback but still had a critical turnover that led to a 31-24 loss to the Bills.  Here are some of my thoughts on the game:

-Juan Castillo has to go.  Now.  The defense was unable to stop the run, put any pressure on Ryan Fitzpatrick or make any plays in the secondary.  The defense is loaded with talent and guys that have made plays in the past so there has to be an issue with Castillo and his schemes.  The one thing this group did well in the last few weeks was get to the quarterback and they couldn't even do that this week.

-Jason Avant had one heck of a game statistically, catching 9 passes for 139 yards, but he made two terrible plays that cost the Eagles the game.  When a sure-handed guy like Avant can't hold on to the ball you know things just aren't going your way.

-Michael Vick doesn't deserve much of the blame for this one.  Of his 4 interceptions, only one was a truly terrible pass.  Vick is doing everything he can with what little time he is given and scrambling for his life when there is nothing open downfield.  He can't be blamed for tipped passes becoming interceptions and for the inept line in front of him.  What he can be blamed for is his terrible mismanagement of the clock at the end of the first half.  How does that happen?

-How about giving the ball to LeSean McCoy more often?  Only 15 touches for Shady, who still managed over 100 total yards.

-I'm so glad Juqua Parker was healthy enough to suit up this week so he could make a boneheaded play a the end of the game to seal the loss for the Eagles.

-By my count, Jamar Chaney made the first play by a linebacker all season long when he picked off Fitzpatrick.

At 1-4, this season is effectively over for the Eagles.  Sure, they could rattle off a few wins and find themselves back in the NFC East title picture, but does anyone see any reason to think that this team is going to magically start playing well?  This is clearly a broken team that has talent but can't seem to put all of the pieces together.  All that is left to play for this season is Andy Reid's job.


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this has been a long time coming. Reid always thinks he is smarter than everyone else in the NFL. This team does none of the basics. That is a direct reflection of the coaching. The players have stopped believing in Reids schemes.

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defense is constantly over matched. The bottom line is, Lurie will not fire Reid....why you ask.....because Reid makes the Eagles money! He manages to bumble his way to being just good enough as a team that people excuse him for being the bubble head he is. The Eagles are one of the most profitable franchises in the league, and in Lurie's mind that is Reids primary function. Winning is secondary for Lurie, and always has been. "Well that dont make much sense, they spent all that money in the offseason".....yeah, its called return revenue on investment. TV deals, endorsements, national games....I don't even have DirecTV and I have seen the Eagles more out here in San Diego than the Chargers.....nothing will ever change in Philly, they may bumble their way to another NFC Championship game, but that is it...