Thursday, December 16, 2010

Home stretch: NFL Week 15 Predictions

After following up my best week of the season with my worst (stupid Cowboys and their late cover), let's get right to the Week 15 picks. Remember, picks this year are made against the spread and I'll be using the spread values that ESPN uses in their Pigskin Pick'em game.

Record Last Week: 5-11, .313
Overall Record: 107-101, .514

Thursday Night Game:

Niners (5-8) @ Chargers (7-6, -8.5)
The Chargers annual late surge into the playoffs continues this week. Look for Alex Smith to turn back into a pumpkin after having a good game last week. My pick: Chargers

Sunday Day Games:

Browns (5-8) @ Bengals (2-11, -1.5)
If they can stop Peyton Hillis, the Bengals look poised to finally break their long, embarrassing losing streak. My pick: Bengals

Redskins (5-8) @ Cowboys (4-9, -6.5)
As any Eagles fan will tell you, the Cowboys are actually playing some decent football right now. The Redskins, on the other hand, are thinking about starting Rex Grossman. Enough said. My pick: Cowboys

Texans (5-8) @ Titans (5-8, -1.5)
Who's bright idea is it to have the Titans be favored in any game? My pick: Texans

Jaguars (8-5) @ Colts (7-6, -4.5)
I like the Colts to stake their claim on the division in this game but I don't see them winning by much more than a field goal. My pick: Jaguars

Chiefs (8-5) @ Rams (6-7, -1.5)
If there is no Matt Cassel, there is no way I'm picking the Chiefs to beat any decent team. The Rams are fighting for a playoff spot so they should put together a solid game at home. My pick: Rams

Bills (3-10) @ Dolphins (7-6, -5.5)
The Bills actually haven't been terrible for the last few weeks and I don't see the Dolphins putting up a ton of points. My pick: Bills

Lions (3-10) @ Bucs (8-5, -6.5)
The Lions have also been playing some pretty good football lately, although they have really been struggling to score. I can't see the Bucs winning by more than a field goal. My pick: Lions

Cardinals (4-9) @ Panthers (1-12, -2.5)
I'm not picking the Panthers for the rest of the season. Can anyone figure out why they are favored here? My pick: Cardinals

Saints (10-3) @ Ravens (9-4, -2.5)
The Ravens secondary is not what it once was, as proven by the Texans on Monday Night. Drew Brees is licking his chops. My pick: Saints

Eagles (9-4) @ Giants (9-4, -2.5)
With the NFC East on the line, the Eagles are going to have to go on the road to knock off the Giants. While the Eagles defense has been troubling in recent weeks, all signs point to the return of Asante Samuel, who has a few more Manning interceptions left in him. Expect a close game but I like the Eagles to win outright. My pick: Eagles

Falcons (11-2) @ Seahawks (6-7, +6.5)
Seattle has the best homefield advantage in football but they still aren't a good football team. With the Saints nipping at their heels, the Falcons need every win they can get. My pick: Falcons

Jets (9-4) @ Steelers (10-3, -6.5)
With the way the Jets offense has looked in recent weeks, is there even a chance they put up 10 points against the Steelers? I like Pittsburgh to win a low scoring game by a touchdown. My pick: Steelers

Broncos (3-10) @ Raiders (6-7, -6.5)
I think they've given up in Denver. Who would have thought the Raiders would be this close to .500 at this point in the season? My pick: Raiders

Sunday Night Game:

Packers (8-5) @ Patriots (11-2, -10.5)
This one has blowout written all over it, especially if Aaron Rodgers doesn't play. It sickens me that the Pats are once again the best team in football. My pick: Patriots

Monday Night Game:

Bears (9-4) @ Vikings (5-8, +3.5)
Its looking like the Vikings are going to be forced to start Joe Webb at quarterback. While I normally wouldn't like Jay Cutler's chances in snowy and freezing conditions, even he will find a way to lead the Bears to a commanding victory over a no-name QB. My pick: Bears

Those are my picks for Week 15 of the NFL Season. Check back every Thursday during the season for the latest predictions. Feel free to discuss, argue or make your own picks in the comment section!

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