Thursday, August 12, 2010

Phillies activate Victorino, keep Brown (for now)

It appears that an injury to Ross Gload has extended Domonic Brown's stay in the major leagues. With the Phillies activating Shane Victorino from the disabled list today, all indications were that the team was going to send Brown down to the minors so he could play every day. Instead, because of a groin injury to Gload that the team is calling day to day, Brown will remain with the club as Antonio Bastardo is shipped back to Triple A.

Victorino's activation from the DL happened one day earlier than expected due to his drubbing of minor league pitching over the last two days. With Lehigh, Victorino proved he was ready as he went 4 for 6 with a triple and a homer.

As for Dom Brown, I still wouldn't count on the Phillies keeping him around for too much longer. Once Gload is back to full strength, at bats will be few and far between for Brown so he's better off with regular playing time in the minors. As I stated yesterday, Brown won't be gone for long, anyway, as the September 1st roster expansion is right around the corner.

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