Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eagles sign WR Riley Cooper; top 2 draft picks remain unsigned

WR Riley Cooper became the latest Eagles draft pick to sign today when he agreed to a 4 year contract with the Birds. With his signing, the Eagles now only have 2 draft picks left to sign, their top two picks, Brandon Graham and Nate Allen. Expect it to be a little while yet before Graham and Allen sign considering no first round picks for any team have signed yet and only one second roneunder has sigd.

Here is a complete list of Eagles draft picks and their contract status:

Brandon Graham, DE: No contract yet
Nate Allen, S: No contract yet
Daniel Te'o-Nesheim, DE: 4 years, 2.53 million, $740,000 signing bonus
Trevard Lindley, CB: 4 years, 2.31 million, $525,000 signing bonus
Keenan Clayton, LB: 4 years, 2.25 million, $466,790 signing bonus
Mike Kafka, QB: 4 years, 2.25 million, $467,000 signing bonus
Clay Harbor, TE: 4 years, 2.24 million, $453,000 signing bonus
Ricky Sapp, DE: 4 years, 2.0 million, $212,000 signing bonus
Riley Cooper, WR: 4 years, unknown salary, unknown signing bonus
Charles Scott, RB: 4 years, 1.88 million, $90,000 signing bonus
Jamar Chaney, LB: 4 years, 1.85 million, $60,000 signing bonus
Jeff Owens, DT: 4 years, 1.83 million, $44,000 signing bonus
Kurt Coleman, S: 4 years, 1.83 million, $43,400 signing bonus

All salary information comes from the National Football Post. I will continue to update this list as more players are signed and as more salaries are announced.

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